Evaluation Process and Fees


Parent/caregiver interview

An interview designed to obtain detailed information regarding the child’s medical, academic, psychological, and social history

Completion of clinical forms

Dr. Whitman will ask the child’s parent(s) and teacher to fill out a variety of clinical forms.

A flexible testing schedule that is tailored to needs of the child

Dr. Whitman performs all face-to-face testing herself. She keeps a flexible schedule in the event that it is necessary to make changes to a child’s evaluation schedule. Testing is typically scheduled over 2-3 days.

Phone consultation with teachers and current providers

Dr. Whitman believes that it is crucial to obtain the perspective of professionals who work with the child on a regular basis.

Feedback session with parents within 2-3 weeks of testing

Dr. Whitman strives to verbally inform parents of results in a timely manner.

Written report completed within 4 weeks of last testing session

Dr. Whitman aims to compose easy-to-read, streamlined neuropsychological reports.


Dr. Whitman attempts to provide local referrals for all recommended follow up services.


There is a flat fee for the standard neuropsychological evaluation process (1.5-hour parent/caregiver interview, 6-8 hours of face-to-face testing, scoring, data analysis, teacher/therapist consultation, a verbal feedback session, and a written report).

Services that fall outside of the standard evaluation process are billed at an hourly rate. Such services include classroom observations, review of prior testing/record review, attorney consultation, and school meetings.

Due to the time intensive nature of a neuropsychological evaluation process, Dr. Whitman does not accept health insurance directly and is considered an out of network provider.

Checks or credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express) are accepted.

Regarding Insurance Reimbursement

You may be eligible for reimbursement through your insurance company. If this is of interest, it is recommended that you inquire about out-of-network coverage before moving forward with scheduling an evaluation. Specifically, find out what might be covered under the CPT code 96118. Be sure to inquire if preauthorization and/or a physician referral is required and if any forms must be completed. Please be aware that reimbursement may ultimately be limited by diagnostic codes and that most health insurance companies do not cover testing completed for educational or academic purposes.

Please contact Dr. Whitman for additional information regarding fees or insurance-related variables.