Lindsay evaluated one of my children who was having difficulties. Her final report described him to a tee and was able to secure certain accommodations to ensure his college success.

- -Bay Ridge, Brooklyn parent

Dr. Whitman was incredibly patient, clear and kind with my ADHD son. I was amazed by his easy-going cooperation with her (I was expecting the usual interruptions and frequent trips to the bathroom). It is apparent to me that Dr. Whitman has created a very safe and stress-free environment for the children she works with, enabling her to perform a very thorough evaluation of my child and make extremely helpful recommendations.

- - Manhattan Parent

I want to send out a recommendation for a WONDERFUL pediatric neuropsychologist. Last winter, I had two of my children evaluated for concerns I had about their reading. After doing a lot of research, I came across Dr. Lindsay Whitman. She is amazing. She put me at ease in our initial meeting; she is kind, warm, extremely professional, and informative. She evaluated two of my children who are quite different from each other and they both responded wonderfully to her. They both enjoyed working with her and felt comfortable around her. Today they still ask me about her. She completed a thorough evaluation on both children. She explained the results of the tests to me and assisted me in getting my children the help they needed in school (IEP). Throughout the process and after the process she was always available to answer questions that arose.

- -Park Slope, Brooklyn parent

I highly recommend Dr. Lindsay Whitman. She is extremely knowledgeable about dyslexia and connects really well with families.

- -Park Slope, Brooklyn parent

Dr. Whitman offers a wealth of information to the families she works with. She offered us extensive information on Dyslexia, ADHD. She recommended books, websites, tutoring options and so much more. I highly recommend Dr Whitman.

- - Park Slope, Brooklyn parent

Lindsay is an excellent clinician and caring individual who is able to understand and clearly explain the myriad of challenges that children with learning disabilities face. She is also great at seeing their strength and potential. I strongly recommend her as a pediatric neuropsychologist.

- -NYU Clinical Neuropsychologist